Words from a beautiful friend and client~

" I have known Marlene for 15 years, and have had the privilege of witnessing the metamorphosis of her career in photography. From her very first photos of my children, I was impressed with her natural talent and creativity--and I continue to be amazed over and over at the beautiful moments she captures with such perfection. Recently I celebrated a very joyous life event, and Marlene was there to stop time with her camera.... As I look through the photos, seeing the emotions, interactions, and memories of the day preserved as if by magic--once again I am amazed at her gift, and it strikes me just how important photos are in our lives. They enable us to travel back in time, to strengthen memories and relive emotions. Photos allow us to freeze a moment in time that we wish to remember forever. Marlene once told me if she won the lottery she would continue her photography and shoot for free--because she believes so strongly in the importance of preserving memories....and then I knew it isn't just her talent that makes her photographs touch our hearts ~ Marlene's own heart & soul shine through the beauty of Painted Light Photography. ♥ "

So many of my clients started out as friends, just as many clients turn INTO friends. Being in the business of photography, (yes, it's NOT just a love, it's a business) I know I can't photograph for free, because that would be silly and my family would all starve, but I WILL aim to provide my clients the best possible experience in the time I have with them. I want to work with people who value life, love, and friendships. I want you to value the art that your life holds. This "art" is precious, and should (in my opinion) be presented in a print form that is held, touched, passed down through the generations. I AM A PRINT BASED PHOTOGRAPHER. I believe in having the old fashioned prints, wall prints and albums to pass down to my grandchildren. The days of digital are here, but beware, if that is ALL you choose to do with your life moments, what will you tell your children when the digital files are gone and no prints exist? Every time I print an album for my clients and have it delivered to my door, it's like Christmas for me. I have this AMAZING task of capturing and preserving LIFE for YOU!! If you value the age old tradition of the print form, I would love to work with you. ~ Marlene xoxo