Canine Portrait

I think the title of this gallery should be "best friend". I can't imagine not having a dog in our family. In our house. Those four feet and exciteable little butt that wiggles every time I come home from work, like I've been gone a week. It's me she loves most, and it should be that way because I was the first one she set eyes on that fateful day I brought her home from far far away. She's the reason I chose to go after my canine portrait accreditation with the PPOC. I have owned a dog since childhood, and I believe every child should have the opportunity to care for a dog. It's such a huge responsibility, but one that makes you a better person. Caring for something that needs you sooooo much. But gives you so much more in return. Thats huge. 

I have met many amazing dogs both before and during my photography career.