Environmental Portrait


When asked what my favorite season is, I would definitely have to say Fall.  Even though I love the colors that appear in Summer, my favorite colors are earth tones and Fall just makes me happy.  Everyone looks good photographed in the Fall environment. The color of the sun when in a fall sky is just different.

As you will see when looking through this gallery, you'll agree that outdoor family portraits are very fun and casual, but can also be perfectly posed, all depending on what kind of look you are going for.

Please also know, that I am accredited in Environmental Portraiture, and I love it when clients ask me to photograph their families on their beautiful properties here in Alberta. Do you have a family event coming up? There's no better time to invest in a family portrait! Contact me to discuss a visit to your rural home or cottage. Don't have a special place you'd like as your backdrop? No worries! I can provide many ideas for places, during your complimentary consultation. Just click the "Contact Me" button above to start.