How long have you been in business? I purchased my first business license in 2004! Years later I am still loving the beauty of creating portraits for my wonderful clients. Moving to the studio was when I really began to enjoy it more, having my own space to create and dream of the possibilities!

How long have you been a PPOC member? I joined the Professional Photographers of Canada, Alberta branch, in 2007, and 6 months later achieved my first Accreditation, in Portraiture.

Studio or Outside? Most of my sessions take place in my studio, but I do love to shoot outdoors when the weather permits. If you are looking to replace the family portrait on your mantle or wherever it may hang, your lifestyle might play a large part in where your portrait session should take place. Take into consideration where you like to spend time as a family. The beach, down by the river, Cranna Lake, there is an abundance of beautiful outdoor locations to choose from in and around Lacombe. No matter where your session takes place, my ultimate goal is to show the family dynamics, the love you share, and the raw emotion of my subjects. Having a part of who you are in the background can make your portraits that much more valuable and a real legacy for years to come.

What about props? I have a few, well-loved props, and I do keep my eyes peeled for more but they have to really suit my style as an artist. Honestly, I find too many of them really take the focus off of the subject. If it takes a prop in every photo to make it interesting, then I haven't done my job as an artist. I love good ol' connection with my subject over a show-stealing prop any day!

What if I don't like my pictures? I offer an unconditional guarantee, if you DON'T love your images, I will re-shoot or refund your session fee.

What is a copyright/model release? You will be asked to sign a model and copyright release before your session begins. The copyright release informs you that your photographer will be the only one who can alter, copy, or reprint the images made during your session. It also states that your photographer retains all rights to the images taken during the photo session. The model release gives your photographer permission to use the images from your session for possible advertising pieces, display, and website use.

What if my child is miserable during the session? This does happen, and when it does, we just simply reschedule. It's best to always schedule your session when your child is at his best, fed and freshly napped. Whatever you do, don't come to your session with high expectations of your child. Don't beg for smiles if that isn't normally who they are. We want to capture who they are, not just the smiles.

Do you offer payment plans? Yes - no interest payment plans that suit your budget. With a credit card in your studio file, you can choose 2 to 4 payments, depending on your order amount, either bi-weekly or monthly.

How long is a session? Anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. (Newborns can take twice this long) This will depend on the type of session you choose, clothing changes required, or feeding times required. A good rule of thumb is to make this your only appointment for the day, especially with little ones involved.