Your Photography Investment


The choice to hire a professional custom photographer is not an easy one. As there are so many people with cameras these days, there are also many different price points as I'm sure you will find. I have 14 years of professional experience behind me, and I can offer you a 100% guarantee. . . if you don't love your portraits, I will re-photograph or refund your money. When dealing with a medium that can and should last generations, careful planning should be your top priority. Please contact me for pricing and to set up your no obligation consultation where we will discuss all things regarding your portrait needs.


Session fees are non-refundable and due in full at the time of booking in order to reserve your date and time. If you must cancel your session due to illness or other personal emergencies, please provide our studio with 48 hours notice so we can reschedule your session and provide this time for another client.

Your session will be planned for a time when your children are at their best during the day. Because I only schedule one session per day, I am able to be more flexible with my client's needs. Please bring only those being photographed, with the exception of a helper (grandparent or other family/friend) for newborn sessions.

You will be contacted once your session images are ready to view, (generally within a week) and a presentation appointment will be arranged. This appointment will assist you in making image selections and choosing sizes for wall portraits. Your order will be taken on this date. Family and friends are welcome to attend this presentation only if they wish to place their own order or if you feel their presence will assist you in preparing your order.

We provide clients a higher level of service by taking the time to provide a quality, custom experience in the studio using our professional equipment. Only after the initial presentation will a gallery be presented if needed, for the ease of out of town family who wish to order.

Ordered images remain on file for 6 months from the date of your portrait session. All unordered images are purged 30 days after your presentation appointment.

All printed images provided by Painted Light Photography may not be reproduced by any means. All images created by Painted Light Photography are protected under copyright law per the agreement you signed at the outset of your session.

I look forward to working with you to create a memorable custom photography experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.